Mar 8, 2018

Busy Days ~

I had an extremely busy day.  Converting oxygen into carbon dioxide. 
 I try to take one day at a time, but sometimes several days attack me at once...

The last the last few days have been extremely windy,  and even
 though the temperature was not that low, with the he wind
 it was extremely cold.  In Branson many areas were without
 power.  Power lines were knocked down.  Luckily for us,
Almost Home was good as was our neighborhood.

As always I am surprised at how fast the week goes by.  Today is
 already Thursday.  This weekend is the start of spring break in Branson.
Everything is up and running and by Friday the town with be filled
with families with kids.  I’m always happy that we do long
 term extended stays and not nightly’s.

Almost Home is full and we have quite a few people waiting to get
 into one of our rooms.  Always happy about this.  We get to
 pick and choose who best fits our hotel.  Makes for better
tenants and more harmonious environment.

At Almost Home Arvid of course has set up his own office.
 His little space where he meets and greets customers for trades
and anything else that suits his fancy.  Everyone happy.

Not sure but the last few days I have been very tired.
 Don’t know why.  Same work. Same everything.  Nothing that I
can think of has changed in my routine, yet I’m tired.  Starting to
wonder if I need to check up on my thyroid medicines.  Hopefully
 it will soon sort itself and I will feel “normal”again.

When we were in Florida Arvid refused to eat many of the foods
he eats here in Branson, but as soon as we got back he’s back
 to eating everything. Very strange man.  He eats all kinds of fish
 here at the restaurants.  Back in Florida he won’t even try any.
 Unless I made it.  Here he also eats ice cream just about
everyday and when we go out he also had dessert.
Ice cream.  Don’t understand the man.

Everyday Arvid gives me a countdown of how many days we have
left until we go to Mexico.  As I have said before, it’s his favorite
 place to go,on a vacation. Says it’s the only place he relaxes.

I asked him what about Norway?   He said “that’s not really a vacation.
 That's just visiting family.”  I know what he means.  It’s not really
 relaxing.  We run from one house to another just about everyday.
It’s very exhausting, but it’s the same when I visit my family.

The truth is, no matter where we go, I/We always want to come
 back home within a few days.  Same like when we were in Florida
in February.  After a few days I was ready to come home to Branson,

  Family is fun to see but very exhausting.  After the first week we already
look forward to coming home, but at the same time we always have
 good times with everyone.  Always good to see everyone and
to spend time with everyone.  Relax we will always
 do when we get back home with Sniff.

When we don't see our families we miss them.  When we see them
we are happy, but at the same time thinking of being home again.
 I believe both Arvid and I still have a lot to learn about relaxing.
 When in Mexico, he is 110%  totally relaxed (if not more).

This year in Norway it will be extra special.  Arvid's youngest
 daughter Michelle, the mother of our 2 granddaughters will be
getting married.  Definitely looking forward to that!

Another day begins.  Not much to do right now at Almost Home
 so I go in a little later than usual and leave a little earlier than
usual.  Love it and am enjoying every omen twitch everyone.

Happy day everyone.  Remember life’s greatest lessons are
usually learned at the worst times and from the worst mistakes.

Falling down is a part of life.  Getting back up is living.~