Mar 9, 2018

Happy Day ~

Friendship refreshes the soul.  Our furry friends do speak, 
but only to those who know how to listen...

Even though yesterday we started off our day very cold, 
by noon the sun was out and the day sure warmed up nicely. 
 I love this weather.  The air is always crisp and refreshing.

  When I got home, it was still so beautiful I decided to explore 
the neighborhood.  Something we did when we first got to Branson,
 but after that life got so busy we never had time for much more.

  It was always work, work, work.  Today we have gotten to the 
point where we can now have some extra time.  We both love it. 
 Owning just one hotel has given us "freedom" to do so much.
  Seems like the way were were.  Almost.

I was able to enjoy the sunset,  and I also
 encountered a few furry friends.  I met up with a family of four doggies. 
 Dad and his 3 pups. Of course I approached them, petted 
them and had a good time seeing them chasing after each other,
 but when I was on my way back home they all decided to follow me. 
 At first I thought it cute, but then i was worried about them not
 being able to find their way back to their home.

Thankfully I met another couple.  Of course we started talking and they
 reassured me that the doggies always find their way back home.  Even so,
 one of the little ones followed me for the longest time.  He was a cutie and i 
look forward to walking that way again.  Maybe this time with some treats.

I also met Thunder.  She is one of several kitties that live close by.
Both Arvid and I always drive by that way just so that we can see her and her
 siblings.  Yesterday all I saw was her.  Maybe today I will also see the others.

Sniff has been "talking" all morning.  He wants me to play 
all the time with him.  I do play with him, but he never gets tired.  
Well time to give him some more play.  Sniff has the cutest 
"voice."  hard to ignore.  Almost impossible.

Happy Friday all.  Hopefully the weekend 
is already filled with fun things to do.

Best friends come in al breeds.  Happy Friday everyone.  Forget all the 
things you've encountered this week and have a great weekend...