Mar 27, 2018

Life Is Good ~

Because when you stop and look 
around, this life is pretty amazing...

Every turn I make I see Spring.  I feel it and I can also smell it. 
On one of my walks in the neighborhood I saw all the flowers blooming. 

 New life coming up.  What a pretty sight and, I am really liking it.

Unfortunately, it is still on the chilly side.  One day we are in the 70's
and the next day we are as low as the 30's.  It's a miracle that we are not
 sick with this temperature fluctuation.  Not consistent at all.

The week is already flying by.  Pretty soon we will be going to
 warmer climates.  Right now it will be welcomed.  Sniff will be cared
 for by Tiffany and Almost Home is also in good hands with her and Chris.
  Yes, life is good and everything as Arvid says is "falling into place."

One of the best things in the world is watching things finally start 
falling into place after having watched them fall apart for so long...