Mar 5, 2018

March 5th ~

View life as a continuous learning experience.  Experience is a 
sometimes cruel teacher, it gives a test before presenting the lesson...

On Saturday we all worked at Almost home spiffing up 
some rooms for new tenants.  It was a lot of fun the 4 of us 
working together and then of course seeing the results.  

Always good when we work as a team.  Tiffany, Chris, Arvid and I. 
 We also have a good lunch of chicken wings (a favorite),so it 
made for even better times.  Saturday was very good.

Tiffany and Chris have two boys.  I think I finally found someone
 who enjoys chicken wings more than I do.  The youngest 
is only 14 and he can out eat us all in wings.

March 5th.  Two years since our little Shadow died. The few 
months we had Shadow with us he kept us busy.  He was 
very, very active little boy.  He was a baby after all.  

Arvid and I find it very difficult to talk or even think of how he died.
  We both agree that he was fearless and had he lived he would have 
been unstoppable.  Maybe the bravest and fiercest of our 3 kitties.

How strange it is.  Both shadow and Brutus died on the 5th.  
Different months, but every 5th of every month a little piece of 
my heart is ripped appar all over again.  My Brutus took my heart.

Little Sniff is filling our lives and leaving his paw prints all over us. 
He make life everyday better.  Sniff makes that ace in my heart
 more bearable.  He is now my little boy and because of him
 I am sure one day everything is going to be better and better.

Life goes on.  Nothing has stopped us from moving forward,
but it's in those moments when I have quiet time.  My mind wanders. 
 It goes to places it shouldn't.  I don't stay there, but there are days I wish 
I could go back in time.  Go back to when Brutus was alive.  And, no I 
don't live in a fantasy world.  If I did our Brutus would be here.

To everyone out there.  Never judge someone without knowing 
the whole story.  You may think you understand, but you don't. Before you
 start to judge, step into their shoes and walk the live they are living, and if you 
get as far as they did, just maybe you will see how strong they are.

The strongest people aren't always the people who win,
but the people who don't give up when they lose...