Mar 2, 2018

Hello Friday ~

No matter who tries to teach you lessons about life, 
you won't understand it until you go through it on your own...

To say that we have been busy these last few days would be an
 understatement.  We came back from Florida where we were
busier than ever thinking we would come home and relax again.
Not the case, but have to say we prefer busy to not busy.
The days go by way fast and already it’s Friday.

Sniff seems to have missed us a lot this time.  He still keeps
chasing after us and when he does not see either of us he “screams”
bloody murder.  Mornings he runs around me just begging for a
good brushing.  He’s loving his brushing almost as much
 as Brutus did. One day soon it might be the same.

Florida already seems such a long time ago, yet it was just a
 week ago we were there.  Do I miss it?  No not right now.
  It’s too busy here to even think about Florida.  Plus the
weather here is beautiful.  Almost 70's (F) every day
and cool in the nights. Perfect if you ask me.  

Most of the days I do wear a sweater, but end up being so hot
 that I have already started wearing some of my summer clothes.
 Truth is I never really switched from summer clothes. I just
adjusted them a little by adding a thin sweater under my
 regular summer tops.  Works good  for me.

Arvid still says he’s cold, but that does not stop him from
being constantly on the move.  Having just one hotel
now is so perfect. We have time to do a few little things
 we enjoy and to “slack”off work when we want.  

Looking forward to the weekend.  Chicken wings with the gang
from Almost Home on Saturday, and a good steak meal on Sunday
are on the agenda.  Suddenly the two things I was tired eating are
 the 2 things I crave.  Yup. A yummy weekend awaits us.

Good morning from Branson, MO.  Winter is still here.
The scenery is dry, brown and could definitely be spiffed up a bit,
 but it is what it is.  Just remember, today's special
 moments are tomorrow's memories.

May your weekend be filled with positive thoughts,
 kind people and happy moments....