Mar 22, 2018

Special Moments ~

Live for moments you can't put into words...

Good morning everyone.  For us here in Missouri it is 6:30am.
Sniff and I have been awake for a while.  Coffee made,
 Sniff fed, played with and like each day, we are ready 
to make memories and collect happy moments.

Tomorrow is my eldest nephew's birthday.  Max turns 25, and last 
night his mom, my sister Nina came across a letter Max wrote to 
the tooth fairy some 19 years ago.  This is so Max.  Memories 
came flooding back of that little boy, barely months old 
who visited me in California when I became a widow.

Today Max is almost done with his studies. 
Come May Max will be graduating from
 Duke University with a doctorate in Physical Therapy.  As he told his sister 
Danielle and the family, "please address me
 as Doctor Dyal from now on."  

Well, Dr. Dyal, in my heart you will still be that little boy 
I babysat many years ago when I lived in New Jersey. 
 At the same time I will occasionally address you as
Dr. Dyal.   Just for the heck of it. 
You've definitely earned it.

Today our eldest granddaughter turns 5.  Aleah visited us in Florida
 when you was just a few months old.  Made us the happiest of grandparents.
 We do not see her and her sister Vanessa often, but thanks to
technology, we do "see" then on Skype.

A beautiful day awaits us all, but for those with birthdays even more special.
Aleah, grandma and grandpa from America loves you and Vaness very much.
Soon we will be able to see you all and give you real hugs and kisses.

To all a great day.  Make memories that last a lifetime.  Today and always.

You close your eyes to reality.  Not memories.
No matter what happens, some memories can never be replaced...