Jul 16, 2018

It’s Different In Norway~

Today I feel like putting an out of order 
sticker on my head and going back to bed...

It been a hectic week since getting to Norway.  Granted
it’s nice to see everyone, but all we do is run from one place
 to another.  This is a hectic way to spend our “vacation”
Being on the run all day long is definitely not “vacation” 

As Arvid told his mother it more like work.  We are tired. 
Very tired.  Have not had a single moment to do much of anything
 on our own.  Well not true. We do get to go to Fishland in the
 afternoons and just sit back, relax and have a little restful time.

I am having a good time seeing everyone.  Love the
grand kids and all, but this is just exhausting. I am ready to
be at home in Branson with Sniff.  I’m tired. Very tired
 and when I get tired all I can think of is going home.
 Having alone time and some peace and quiet.

We will be having 2 days away on on own. I am extremely
excited about it.  No running from one place to another.  I’m
just tired. Those 2 days in Norway will be the "vacation"

When I'm tired I miss home.  I miss Brutus like crazy.
 I miss Sniff and I miss my family.  And now I'm tired and
I am missing all of it.  I know tomorrow is another day, but all
it means is we do the same thing all over again.

We don't call it homesick.  We call it missing home.
There's not a sickness involved.  It's a state of mind.

Wishing you all a good day. Life in Norway is
 not as exciting as life in the USA. That’s a fact.

Sometime you just need to disconnect 
and enjoy your own company....