Jul 29, 2018

Back Home~

There is no place like home...

Finally we are back home, and we couldn't be happier.  There
 is no place like home. We have had some very good times with family. 
 No questions about that.  Memories made that will last a lifetime.  
As always time spent with family is never wasted.

That being said, I could not wait to leave Norway.  It is definitely not 
my cuppa tea.  For me being in Norway is similar to being in limbo.  
Yes, that's how boring I find it.  This is definitely not an accurate 
description if you were going to Norway as a visitor.  

I am 100% certain that anyone who visits Norway will absolute fall in
 love with this beautiful country.  It is scenic beyond words.  For 2 
days I had a glimpse of that beauty.  It was just breathtaking.

So why is it I find Norway boring?  The minute we land we are 
on the run.  There is not time to even get over the jet lag before 
we start running from one place to another.  Don't get me wrong,
 family is great, but how many spend their almost 3 weeks
 every year just running from place to place?  We do.

We land exhausted and when we leave we are even more exhausted.
This summer in Norway was HOT!  There is no air conditioning
 anywhere.  Being used to a few more amenities here in the
 USA made for a very uncomfortable time weather wise.

No matter where we stayed we had no Internet.
 You tell me how would you like to go to a foreign country,
 and not be connected to everyone.  Though there was Internet
 access at the places we stayed, the signal was so weak we
were unable to connect.  That alone is a nightmare.

That being said I just LOVE being home.  Arvid, Sniff and I.
 It's quiet.  As Arvid said we can enjoy what we like at our own pace.
 The best of all is that it's peaceful, quiet and relaxing.

The other side to this is that, we had excellent times
with all the family.  Nothing will ever take that away.
 For time spent with family is always good.

I am grateful for all the good times shared with family.
  For the new experiences I have had and for being part of
 Michelle and Emil's wedding.  All of that was wonderful,
but NOTHING beats being home in the USA!!!!

Home is where you hang your heart...