Jul 10, 2018

Hello's From Norway ~

Seize the day.  Make it ridiculously amazing...

Greetings from Norway.  We made it.

As of this minute it's a race to see how many hot dogs we can eat while 
we are here.  I do not like hot dogs, but when in Norway you do
 what Norwegians do.  You eat hot dogs. A lot of hot dogs.

To be fair we also have a lot of good food.  Not from
 the restaurants, but from Victoria and Michael's. Going to their 
home is always such a delightful time.  There I know I will enjoy 
every delicious minute.  Already looking forward to it.

Time to get rolling and start making beautiful memories.

Also today is our nephew J's birthday.  J sending you our love
all the way to Miami, and we look forward very much to seeing
 you when we get back to Florida.  J Alexander's here we come.

Let your soul be built with a collection of moments.  You won't 
realize it until much later, but these are the memories that make you...