Jul 30, 2018

Happy To Be Home ~

Home a place your feet may leave but your heart will always be...

We got home to a water leak under the Jacuzzi tub. 
 Not the best reception after being gone for so long, but 
Sniff was there just happy to be around us and
 following us everywhere.  He still is.

  Every time Arvid worked to fix the leak, Sniff of course
 was there.  Checking everything out.  Just the same way 
Brutus used to do. Sniff is now Dada's little helper.  

For the first time I heard Arvid say to Sniff, "you're going to 
help your dada fix the leak?"  That was only reserved for Brutus.
  Happy, happy to have heard Arvid talk like that to Sniff.

I don't want to repeat it, but why not?  We are home,
 and we could not be happier. Home is where our story begins.

Your home should tell the story of who you are,
and be a collection of what you love.  We are home....