Jul 24, 2018

~Soon Home ~

Every day is a going to be a memory. 
Make good ones and take pictures...

We have just a few days left here in Norway.  Suddenly time
 is escaping us and it has become real that we will soon 
be leaving.  Bittersweet like always, but so special.

One looks forward to going home, but when the actual moment 
is so near makes you sad.  So far this has been an amazing summer 
in Norway. We have spent the time making lasting memories.  

We saw little Michelle get married, and I have had 
the opportunity to visit Norway's West Coast.  Overall 
an amazing time, and still a few more days to go.

Good morning everyone.  Wishing you a very good start 
of your day. Unfortunately July is the month almost the entire county of 
Norway shuts down.  Just about everyone is on vacation so there 
is not that much going on in little Horten. Of course the day
 we leave everything starts happening once again

 Soon we will have to get back in "home" mode and,
start gearing up for "reality"  sounds just perfect to me.  We
 are looking forward to going back to"normal" life again.  Getting
 back into our routines.  Strange how we miss our routines.

As Arvid said to me this morning, “two more nights and we are gone”
Yes, I can’t wait to touch American soil. Then and only
then I know we are truly home.  Home is where my heart is.

There is so much to do once we get back home to Branson. 
 The best part of going home is seeing little Sniff.  
I am missing his so very much.  I'm sure he
 wonders why we left him all alone.

The beautiful thing about memories is that they are yours; 
whether they are good, bad, or indifferent. They 
belong to you, no matter where you are...