Jul 7, 2018

Saturday In Chicago ~

Life is a gift.  Wake up everyday and realize that...

Coming back to Chicago felt like coming home.  Arvid and 
I walked the city until we just couldn't anymore.  According
 to my phone we have walked over 16,000 steps.

We visited many of our favorite spots and of course ended
 up at Margaritaville in Navy Pier for lunch.  The piña coladas and
 margaritas are just delicious.  To top it all Arvid was also able to see 
the soccer match.  We had a really good day.  Very tired, but good. 
 Made us realize how much we want to be back in Chicago.

There is a vibe n the city we have not found in any other place.  Arvid 
said t me, "it sure feels like home."  I agree.  It feels like home.

Happy Saturday all.  A little more to do before we call it a night.
It's just the second day without Sniff, and I;m really missing him.

The biggest adventure you can 
take is to live the life of your dreams...