Jul 20, 2018

Just Another Day ~

Another day that passes is another day closer to seeing you...

A typical day for us in Norway goes as follows.  Get up. 
Have my coffee and relax little on my own before Arvid wakes up. 
 In between my being up and Arvid waking up, Molly his
 mother wakes up.  Takes her pill and has a little breakfast.
  She then goes to bed for another hour or so.

Arvid wakes up.  We make breakfast and as we are finishing
 up his mother gets out of bed again.  We maker her another breakfast
 and either tea of cafe.  I clean up the dishes and we then 
sit for a little before we start running around
 either with chores or visiting family.

Every single day it is the exact same thing.  The day goes
 on like this until about 8 pm at times.  In this entire
 day Arvid and I do not have much alone time.  

When we’re out doing chores he meets up with friends.
  When we don’t meet up with friends we are with his family.  
Anyway you look at it there is always someone around.

When we’re not running we’re with his mother.  None of 
this is unpleasant, but it is really exhausting. . Exhausting to
 the point where all I want to do is cry and cry some more.  I tell
 myself that next year I will not be coming for so long. I tell 
myself this every year, yet here I am. I guess after all, I do like it.

I love the grand kids. Seeing them is always such a pleasure.  
I enjoy talking to Michelle and Victoria.  They make this
 trip doable and that’s why I keep coming because I want to 
see them and spend time with them.  Even so just going from
 one home to another every single day sure can wear one out.

I’m sure Norway is a beautiful country,and this year I got 
to see some of it.. I saw a little of Norway’s West Coast.
  I’m grateful for that, but honestly I don’t know if I can continue 
doing this year after year.  When a person goes on a vacation,
 it’s not supposed to be so much work.  I’m so tired.  All I can
 do is count down the days until we go home.

On the other hand, we have some very exciting days ahead of us.
The wedding/  Another trip to VM, seeing the little ones and yes
 being a little busy doing a few chores to help Michelle and 
Emil.  Looking forward to all of that.  That is all fun.

At the end of the day I am thankful that 
my-blessings are bigger than my problems...