Jul 6, 2018

Chicago Bound ~

I adore Chicago.  It's the pulse of America...

It's been almost two years since we were last in Chicago.  It's 
been that long that we have been hotel owners.  Unfortunately, it did 
not leave much time for anything else.  That changes today.  We are 
on our way to our favorite city in the whole wide world.  Chicago.  I have 
missed everything about Chicago.  Except January and February.

It's the first leg of our trip to Norway.  All Arvid has been talking
 about for months on end is Chicago.  Finally we will be there.  Who 
knows tonight we may go to one of the Blues Clubs.  Have to have our fill 
of music and good living before we leave the USA and head to Norway.

For the next couple of days we will be enjoying all this city has to offer.
After that we are Norway bound.  Looking forward to Norway, 
but nowhere beats the USA as far as I am concerned.

Chicago is a wonderful, vibrant city with wonderful 
food cultures to it, wonderful talent downtown.
I just love this city.  Best place in the summer...