Feb 28, 2019

Just Another Day ~

Beauty isn't only in moments of triumph, glamour
 or scenery so divine it takes your breath away.  It is also
 in those short stretches of silence, at that moment when 
there is no distance between you and the person you love...

Another beautiful day here at home.  A little rain at times, 
but always warm and sunny.  I am really enjoying being
 back home.  At the same time I look forward very much
 to going back to Branson and visiting everyone.  

The days here are going by fast.  Especially when 
one is staying busy.  After coming back from a
 trade meeting there is always a lot Arvid has 
to take care of.  Lots of following up to do. 

 Keeps him busy and somehow he manages
 to find something for me to do.  Happy!  
He likes to call it "teamwork"

Sniff is happy we are back home.  He just keeps 
falling all over our feet.  Happy also be be home. 

I just have to gripe a little today about something I
 find completely annoying.  What is it with people who
 constantly brag about any and everything.  Why is it
 that they always have to mention how much so and 
so cost and how much they spent doing this or that.

Yes, a little of that I encountered when at the meeting. 
 I really don't care.  I am not impressed with what you have
nor what you do, where you go and how much you paid for
 so and so.  I am impressed on the other hand on how
 you treat people.  Kindness has no boundaries.

Let's not forget that he who is humble is confident and wise.
He who brags is insecure and lacking.  Which one are you?

Don't tell me what you have before you tell me who you are.
I'm not easily impressed.  As a matter of fact, I'm easily turned off...