Nov 6, 2019

Another Day To Be Grateful ~

The most important thing is to enjoy your life.
To be happy.  It's all that matters...

The boat show is over, and now we are left with 
a lot of boat traffic.  Pretty cool if you ask me, and how
 lucky we are that we are able to see it all from the comfort
 of our home.  The waterways is lined with boats going
 back home or to wherever it is they came from.  
We get to enjoy it all.  Yes we are happy.

Many things to do today.  Staying busy is a 
big key to happiness, and we are busy.  All is good 
and I am ready to face the new day.  How does your 
day look.  No matter what give it your best shot.

Remember that doing your best is more 
important than being the best.  Happy day to all.

If you try to do your best there is no failure.
My mother told me, 'Always do your best,' and my dad says,
 'It's important to be humble. That's the key. They're
 not there for you. You're there for them.'...