Nov 14, 2019

What Cold Front ~

I wish all this sand was snow, said nobody ever...

Nothing throws Floridians into a "panic" 
mode than hearing the words "cold front coming."

Right away everyone pulls out winter gear.  
The boots, the scarves the heavy jackets.  It's interesting
 to watch so many out of touch with reality.

Here in Florida we are too pampered when it comes 
to the weather.  Take Arvid for example, yesterday
 morning we went out to the balcony as
 usual to finish up our tea/coffee. 

 As he stepped out, he said, "I can't do this it's
 too cold.  I need to put on my long pants."  The
 temperature was at perfect 76F (25C).  How is
 this considered cold I ask myself?

Arvid is special.  That's all there is to it.  The "cold front" 
is still here.  How does your day look like today?
It has been raining most of yesterday and still is.

 If you were in Florida right now, you may be
 worried about the cold front like many are. Many
 others like me are ecstatic for the change 
in temperature if only for a short time.

Happy day to all wherever you are,  Remember 
there is something beautiful in each day.

Florida winter today.  A chilly 76 degrees.
Winter is  really rough in Florida...