Nov 12, 2019

Beautiful Tuesday Awaits Us ~

Life is like weather.  Always changes...

Winter has officially touched many already. 
 The snow is already falling.  Not many are too happy 
for such an early snowstorm, but Rio is.  Rio lives 
in Vermont and he is Mala's and Gopaul's baby.

Rio can't wait for the snow to come.  He's a snow baby.

Here in Fort Lauderdale it is warm and sunny.  
Yes, we have sporadic rain very often, but it's still warm.  

We have enjoyed a few drives along the beach.
Always fun. The new day begins nice and warm here.

Yesterday Sniff received a box filled with treats
 and toys.  Like a lot.  The package came from Chewy.
 Sniff gets all his foodies, treats, litter toys,
whatever he needs from

The curious thing is that I didn't order this package,
 neither was it sent to Sniff by anyone we know.

Wishing everyone a beautiful day ahead.  Someone said,
"you only have to find yourself.  Everything else you can google"

Give everyday the chance to become
 the most beautiful day in your life...