Nov 15, 2019

Weekend Vibes Are Here ~

Life is a matter of choices, and
 every choice you make makes you..
You gotta train your mind to be stronger than 
your emotions or else you'll  lose yourself every time
I came across this the other day and it left me thinking.

I'm sure we all have days where we second guess
 many of the decisions and choices we have made.  I have 
those and many of them have to do with Brutus.  Sometimes I 
think I made the wrong decision, but then I don't 
know what I would have done differently.

We have been having some very wet dark days here. 
 I am not complaining.  I know many have it wet and 
freezing cold at the same time.  Here at least it is warm.

New places/restaurants are popping up as are buildings. 
 The Downtown area of fort Lauderdale is buzzing with activity. 
 We love it.   There is so much to do and to see.  Always happy times.

Busy day today so we may as well get it started.  Friday ~ 
the weekend is here and who knows what can happen.

Wishing everyone a peaceful happy weekend.
 Remember if you cannot find peace within
yourself you cannot find it anywhere else...

You need to understand that life isn't what 
you're given, it's what you create, what you
 conquer and what you aim to achieve...