Nov 16, 2019

Saturday November 16th ~

I like rainy days, it reminds me that 
sometimes the world has sad days too...

Living n Florida one knows that it rains, and quite 
often.  What I also know is that the rain comes fast and 
just as fast it's usually over.  Well not this last rainfall.  
It rained consistently for a period of over 24 hours.

The rain just kept coming, and the worse part is that the
 streets were flooded.  Drainage situation here is becoming 
a big problem and the tides are getting higher and higher.  
That combined with the rain definitely not good at all.

The tides have risen so much that many condos have
 their first floor garage flooded already.  Definitely
 can become a big problem in the future.

Arvid and I had to maneuver our way through 
downtown trying to get to places we needed to go. 
 What we saw left me a little shocked. 

 I have seen the city flooded before, but to see
 it so much again was alarming.  Alarming because we
 live here.  We have a condo here, and the question is 
what will happen when the day comes and our 
condo is flooded.  Because many already are.

On a happy note, it's Christmas time in the city.
  Thanksgiving is not yet here, the Christmas
 spirit is already in full swing.

Happy day to everyone. Let the
magic of the season into your hearts.

Wherever you find love, it feels like Christmas.
It's the Christmas in the heart that puts Christmas in the air...