Nov 8, 2019

It's Here ~ The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year

It's starting to feel a lot like Christmas...

Thanksgiving is not yet here, but every were you turn
 you see Christmas.  Christmas as I have always mentioned 
is my favorite time of the year.  It does not matter where we are,
 Christmas is Christmas and it's magic is felt everywhere.

If you live in Florida or some other tropical place, 
your Christmas is surrounded by decorated palm 
trees, ocean and sand.  A beautiful sight indeed.

If you live in a country where you are fortunate 
to have a white Christmas, then you are also very
 fortunate.  Arvid's from Norway, and a white 
Christmas in Norway looks something like this.

Christmas Day is also our mom's birthday.  As if it 
was not a special time of the year already, the fact 

that it's also her birthday makes it double special.

The other day just walking around the stores, hearing 
Christmas music, seeing the decorations, the trees, I
 am already feeling the wonderful magic of Christmas.

Christmas gives us the opportunity to pause and 
reflect on the important things around us.  If you're 
like me, then you're also having a wonderful time, 
because this is the most wonderful time of the
 year, and we get to enjoy it for a long time.

Christmastime is here—or as we like 
to call it, the most wonderful
 time of the year. 

Let us keep Christmas beautiful
 without a thought of greed. Christmas now 
surrounds us, Happiness is everywhere...