Dec 17, 2021

Friday December 17th~

 No one watches a strong woman harder than
 those who dislike her.  Give them a good show...

Just eight days before Christmas is here.  Arvid got his 
Christmas present early and could not be happier.  Arvid 
does not like the holidays  😲nor does he like presents, says he
 has everything he needs.  Thankfully he did not have these warm
 slippers.  Now his toes and feet are toasty and he stays warmer.

The other day Arvid came home and first thing he 
said to me, and this was with a big smile on his face. 
 He said, "let me wash my hands first.  I just 
fist bumped with a lot of people."  

He was beaming and when he was done he said he
 met a lot of people in the short outing he had.  Arvid 
was happy and could not stop smiling.  Truth is
 we have many good friends here in Branson.  
The people are genuine and down to earth.

Of course that required a little celebration.  He had just met a
 few people and everyone was happy that we were back in Branson.
  On lady even said to me, "you are the person I miss the most." 
 Don't know how true it was but it made my heart all warm.

Also warming my heart is receiving pictures and
 videos of Marbles and Macgyver.  These two are 
constantly walking with Charley (white dog), but also 
I have gotten a picture of Rascal, Shygirl and Milo. 

I was told that Mama was seen.  Also that Rocco and 
Baby were seen, but unless I hear from Sharon that Rocco
 and Baby were seen I am not so sure.  Nothing about Senior. 
 He would be the most difficult to spot.  Baby and Rocco should 
be hanging out with Marbles and Macgyver, but why aren't they?

Friday.  Temperatures are starting to drop.  Good thing
 Arvid's feet at least will be nice and warm 😂

Some people make the world special just by being i it...