Dec 11, 2021

Saturday December 11th ~

 Edit your life frequently and ruthlessly.
It's your masterpiece after all...

Hello foggy morning.  You're interfering with my view. 
 This was Sniff yesterday.  Not pleased with the fog.  Meant 
he could not watch for deer with an uninterrupted view.

No matter what kind of morning it is, I always find the beauty in it.

Today we have cold temperatures.  Right now we have 
35F (2C)  When Arvid wakes up he will be exclaiming as usual. 
 Yesterday was warm and beautiful.  Strange weather in 
Branson, and because of that I am having a cold.

The last time Arvid and I went to listen to music was 
February 22nd of 2020 in Fort Lauderdale  with Svein
 and Marit, friends of ours from Norway.  Last night we
 went to one of the music venues here in Branson.

Arvid was super excited to wear his hat and his
 Blues shirt, and t-shirt.  We had a really pleasant event.  
Different from what we would usually do if we 
were in Florida, but nonetheless good🎵.

Branson is known for their shows, so why not enjoy it?

Today it's cold, most of the day if not all will be 
spent huddled in the warmth.  Happy Saturday to all.

Being challenged in life is inevitable, being defeated is optional...