Dec 9, 2021

Thursday, A Cold December 9th

 Yesterday I was clever.  I wanted to change the world.  
Today I am wise 🙈 so I will change myself...

Yesterday my sister Nirvana sent us a picture 
of her Christmas tree.  She was ecstatic and was loving
 her little tree with its tiny decorations and baby lights.

  It was the tree we gave her when we left PR.  
Of all the things left in our apartment when we bought
 it, I loved the tree best, and couldn't be happier 
to know that Nirvana loves it as well 🎄. 

 Last year according to Arvid, was the first time he 
ever decorated for Christmas.  Well he and Kimsy
 decorated together.  Sure it's not happening again. 
 PR is magical, and I miss so much about it.

Sharon is back in Pena Mar (Fajardo, PR) she has already
 seen Marbles, MacGyver and Shygirl.  I chatted with a few 
people there in the complex and was told all the kitties are
 still alive (as far as they know)  Made me super happy. 
 Sharon calls Shygirl Freckes and MacGyver Tiger. 

 Made me sad for a while, but at the end of the day
 happy because they are still there.  Rascal was also seen. 
 The others not confirmed sighting, but hopefully soon.

Sniff is loving it here.  Not so much being cold, 
but checking out the different windows from the condo. 
 His favorite spot (and mine) is still his room/my office/guest room. 
 We do spend a lot of time there just looking out.  But this 
one is from Arvid's office.  Looking at the squirrel.

Good morning all.  Was hoping to go walking this morning, 
but I chickened out because of the cold.  I miss my 
mornings so very much in PR with the kitties,
 but will brave it soon enough here as well.

Sometimes in life, a moment in time, alters your whole life, 
forever changes the road ahead. Start where you are. 
 Use what you have.  Do what you can...