Dec 10, 2021

Friday November 10th ~

 Everyday is a good day.  Just some days are better...

The unpacking continues. I’m tired seeing
 boxes everywhere, and looking forward to the day
 they are all "gone".  Arvid and I move too often,
 not good.  I feel like a gypsy sometimes.

 I think we are finally starting to see an end to
 these boxes.  Arvid opens the boxes, pulls everything
 out and I’m left wondering where to put it 🤬, but 
between the two of us we will soon be done 🙏

Yesterday was a beautiful day. Was sunny and warm.
  Arvid and I went for a walk to discover the area we live in.  
The complex is not very big so that’s really good.

There’s a little creek running alongside which is kind
 of cute.  There is a lake and in the summertime you have 
access to kayaks, not sure we will do much kayaking. 

Arvid's mom in Norway is not doing that great.
  She’s 93, but has always been a very independent, 
capable and no nonsense lady.  To know that she 
has lost some of her capabilities is heartbreaking
 and though expected, it still does not sit well 😢

At this moment, it’s a waiting game to see how 
she fares in the next few weeks.  Depending on that,
Arvid may have to go to Norway at some point.  

 For as long as I’ve know her,  Arvid's mom has been
 totally 100% self sufficient even at 93, but then suddenly
 things changed.  The circle of life.  You know it happens,
 but when it does you’re really not prepared for it.

  Friday.  Looking forward to doing something 
different seeing that we are now once again in a 
different part of the country.  It was home a few years 
ago, but we never had much time.  Now we do😊.

A much warmer day awaits us.  Temperatures
 back in the 70's (22C) so it's perfect to do something
 because you know it will soon dip again 😂

Life doesn't get easier or more forgiving, 
we get stronger and more resilient...