Dec 27, 2021

Life, A Continuous Journey ~ December 27th

 Home is often a place where we put on our most
 comfortable clothes, sit in our most comfortable
 spot, and completely let go and relax...

It feels like home already.  Even Arvid keeps telling me 
how "everything is falling into place."  On the other hand, 
I have heard this before, but yeah everything is definitely
 falling into place.  For now we are home again 😍

As the new week begins, my thoughts always find 
their way to Puerto Rico.  I try very much to not "go" there,
 but the pull is too strong.  One day it will get easier.

Today Nina and David left Florida.  Nina is super
 happy and excited.  David a little less.  They head back 
to the place Nina loves best, Pennsylvania.  That's 
where work takes David again. Max and Danielle
 are also making the journey with them. 

 Max will continue to live in Naples, Florida and,
 Danielle and Andrew live in Pittsburg, but they all came
 to their parents' home in Tampa for one last gathering.

Little by little all the family I have had living in 
Florida has left.  Mom and dad left, Rima and family left, 
Mala and her family are gone, Arvid and I have left many 
times, but we go back.  Finally Nina is leaving.

J is currently back in Miami, but he sure hopes to leave 
soon again if work allows him to work remotely.  He has 
been fortunate that since August he was able to work remotely.
And since then he has been living mostly in Colombia. 
 J loves Colombia, and hopes to go back soon 🙏.

Looking forward to a busy week here.  It's always
 good to have something to do, even if that means getting 
out in the cold.  I know not the best for Arvid, but one
 can't hibernate all winter either.  Sniff thinks he can. 

Happy new week to all.  Arvid is happy because
 yesterday he was able to see a few soccer matches that
 were not cancelled.  Life is good, and everyone is happy.

Everyday is a new day, a new opportunity 
to do be a better version of yourself...