Dec 19, 2021

Sunday December 19th ~ ⛄

 Instead of dwelling in the past or worrying 
about the future, bring your mind to the present 
moment and try feeling and experiencing it fully...

⛄ Our Sunday begins very cold ⛄, on the good 
side I got to see a deer, so for me it's already a good day. 
 Making it an even better day, Arvid finally was able to
 talk to his mom.  She's doing better as of today.

Yesterday I had happy news from Puerto Rico.  
The cleaning lady, who is also my friend texted me 
and she told me that she has seen Rocco and Baby😃.  

I'm happy because now Baby and Rocco seem to be
 together all the time.  Of  'my" nine remaining kitties, eight
 have been accounted for.  Unfortunately, no one has seen 
Senior, nor will, but knowing Senior's patterns, I know 
he's around, but he's not usually "seen"  Happy day.

Six more days until Christmas.  This very moment I 
am not feeling it, but hopefully this afternoon as we 
walk around the decorated streets it will all be coming back
 to me.  As a child, Christmas was magical.  We didn't have
 much, but we were always surrounded by love and family.

To all a happy day.  It has not warmed up too
 much as of yet, but Arvid's hot chocolate hit the spot.  
Now it's nice and cozy inside.  Feels so very good.

Hot chocolate on a cold day makes ☕
 everything warm.   I love days when my only 
problem is how many hot chocolates to have...