Dec 6, 2021

New Week Here ~

The world awaits you this week.
 Go show it the stuff you’re made of... 

Our second full week begins here in Branson.
  So far we were lucky with the weather, but I think 
this is about to change a little even so, I still think we
 are still on the "warm" side for winter.  Liking it.

Sniff is getting more and more comfortable in our
 new place.  My so called office/guest room is now 
Sniffs room.  It's still my office 😂, but it now has 
more as many things of Sniff's as it does of mine. 

I love my new space.  When not working I spend 
most of my time here.  I have a little window, and
 Sniff loves to sleep on my desk and watch out.

Arvid and I have been enjoying a few things we
 never had much time to do when we lived and worked 
in Branson.  Feels good to just enjoy and not have to be
 disturbed by a phone call at all hours of the day.  

I loved every moment at Almost Home, but I am also
 loving this new experience in Branson of just living.  I guess 
we did make the right decision after all to come here.

Our families are a little surprised. on the other hand they
 do know us by now.  Anything goes and we make decisions 
on the sup or the moment.  I'm not saying always goes, but 
we run with it, and being in Branson was just one of those.

Arvid said it was not that cold, so I told him we should go
 and have ice-cream.  Andy's frozen custard, a place I have
 wanted to go ever since we lived in Branson.  Tis was our 
first time, and it sure won't be the last.  Was very good.

Fort Lauderdale is always in our minds, unfortunately
 not in a good way in Arvid's mind.  He sees only problems
 there 😂, but as time goes by he will change his mind.

Yesterday one of the ladies living in Pena Mar
 (the complex we lived in PR) told me she saw Marbles, 
but not the others.  Hoping as the week progresses she 
will see the others.  I really miss my PR kitties. 

Time to get busy again.  Still more boxes waiting for me.
Wishing everyone a great week ahead.  Stay warm.

Three things you shouldn’t lose this week; your faith,
 your courage, and your smile. Happy new week...