Dec 14, 2021

Tuesday December 14th~

 Never measure your progress
 by using someone else's ruler...

My thoughts seem to stray at times to places far 
away, and I welcome very much the change of scenery.  
Some days are like that.  I just can't stop the thoughts 
that go through my mind no matter how much I try.

Eleven days to go.  It's time to fall in love with 
Christmas all over again.  It's the most wonderful time
 of the year.  Shadow had just one Christmas 🎅with us
 before he died.  We try not to think of how Shadow died.

Yesterday we were in Arkansas.  We took care of some
 "business" and made it a day by visiting the Little Rock Zoo.  

The few animals we saw were impressive, but overall it was 
not the best zoo experience I have had.  Could have been 
the cold, because many of the animals were hidden.

Many of the displays were also empty, but for me it was
 all good because I love going to the zoo.  Not sure if Arvid
 "loves" it, but he's always game because he knows I enjoy it.

We drove three hours both ways.  The drive was good,
 no traffic, but the scenery was a little bleak and at times
 depressing.  Not much to see, on the other hand it's the same
 in most places.  Of course some places like Puerto Rico
 the scenery is mostly spectacular because your view is 
always the blue waters of the Caribbean Sea.

Even so, we had a pretty good day, but not sure we 
will be going back to this zoo.  Once was enough.

My friend in Puerto Rico has seen so far: Marbles, Macgyver, 
Shygirl, Rascal and Milo.  So happy for that.  Hoping she will see Rocco, 
Baby, Mama and Senior.  Worried she has not seen Rocco and Baby 
because they were always together with marbles and Macgyver.  
Senior is difficult to see because he's always behind the fence
 in the "bushes"  Mama should have been next to Rascal.

Wherever life takes you, walk proud...