Mar 31, 2022

Throwback Thursday ~ Life In The Bahamas

 Collect adventures and experiences to reminisce
 about…go to far places, meet new people, eat 
exotic foods, enjoy all varieties of women, look
 on unfamiliar landscapes, see new things...

Looking back.. years ago when Arvid, 
Brutus and I had a home in the Bahamas.

Life was simple and the beach was our backyard.

I had the best of times walking along the beach collecting shells.

Arvid and I making our own beach, with some help of course.

Life has taken us many places.  Each holds something special. 

Sometimes it's OK to reminisce, but not to stick
 around in the past for too long.  We had a very good 
life then.  Brutus was still alive and I could not 
have been happier.  We miss him very much.

On the other hand, we also have a very good life 
today.  We have Sniff and he makes me so very happy. 
 We love our Sniff so very much.  Things change.  
Life goes on.  Change is not always bad.

Good morning to all.  Branson is in full bloom 🎕

It's Thursday.  Look back and be grateful...