Jun 1, 2022

June 1st ~ New Month Again

 Whatever the new month is bringing for you, be it good or bad; 
always keep that smile on your face no matter what...

Time stands still for no one.  Seems like just the other
 day we were living in Puerto Rico enjoying a beautiful
 relaxed lifestyle.  Next thing you know were were back in
 Branson, MO taking over the hotel again.  The previous owners 
whom we trusted just took off in the middle of the night 😐 

 They did exactly what some tenants do.  This was the
 last thing we expected, but Arvid and I are a force of nature
 when we do something.  We took it back and it is getting better
 and better every day.  Hopefully one day we can again enjoy 
that relaxed life we had, but for now it's work,
 work, work.  Sometimes 7 days a week.  

As the new month begins we have already accomplished
 so much.  The tenants are happy and at ease that things are
 running smoothly and that the bill are all paid.  As they
 have said, "we thank you both for our homes."

Working together is what we do best, and it sure pays off.
  I see smiling faces everywhere, and Arvid has shaped
 up, many already.  Many of the tenants were here when 
we first came to Almost Home.  They are happy and the
 "new" ones that came after we left have told us that they
 have never seen anyone work as hard as we do 😊.  

From what I understand the previous owners 
never helped the maintenance man much.  We do all 
the time, as needed in order to get things moving along.

New month and things are going well.  Almost Home 
is looking good and yes HAPPY.  It's a happy place to be.  
Our waiting list keeps growing and growing.  I have to say,
 we do have a good reputation, and the fact that Arvid
 and I are back has been spreading like wild fire 😅. 
 Good?  Not so good? time and our deeds will tell.

May this month be even better than the last, and may 
you always believe that something wonderful is about to happen.
  And never forget that your focus determines your reality.  
Happy new month everyone.  Let's do this.

 Here’s to a month of possibilities, overcoming 
challenges and all-round success..