Dec 30, 2022

Family ~ December 30th~

 Time together with family is a gift...

Yesterday my sister Nina, David and Max visited us.  It was
 not a long visit, but as Arvid said these short visits are the best.  
Whenever my family visits they stay tops two hours and leave. 

 We have a good time talk and catch up.  Occasionally I 
won't mind if they stayed a bit longer, but it's OK.  There are 
some that come can never seem to know when to leave.  
The evening prolongs and then it becomes boring and 
exhausting.  This way it was relaxing, and good. 

They all like pizza and we got pizza from our favorite
 downtown restaurant.  Funny thing is Max and Kelsey also
 like that pizza restaurant and have been there many a times.

The initial plan was to take them out to dinner, 
but they got delayed doing other things, but this worked 
out even better.  Nina and David brought me many favorite fruit.
  Ones I usually would buy at the Fort Lauderdale Swap Shop.  
Arvid insisted in doing the cutting, let's see how it goes.

Awake early last two radiation treatments today. 
 Today I woke up hurting, but in a few weeks I should be
 back to my good old self 😂  Seems like the side effects coming
 on now.  I've had a good stretch with none, so still lucky.

The finish line is just the beginning of a whole new race...