Dec 5, 2022

Monday December 5th ~

 Be yourself.  No one can say you're doing it wrong...

New week and start of radiation treatment.  Looking forward to
 see how this goes and to see if my body feels the difference.  My wish
 is that I loose some weight, but that is wishful thinking on my part 😂

Aside from radiation not much more planned for this week.  We now 
have to work around my schedule in order to make other plans.  According 
to my doctor I will be feeling very tired.  Knowing me, I won't 😕

All is good here at home.  No more trips to Fort Lauderdale
 for now.  Too long the drive to go and come back the same day.  
Almost six hours driving to a concert.  To me not worth it.  Arvid
 did ask if I wanted to spend the night in a hotel, but I said no.  
Not worth it either.  Too much work for one night.

To all a good week.  2022 is soon over so let's all send it 
off with a positive  attitude and hopes for a better 2023.

On our trip to Fort Lauderdale, I had to see with my own eyes the
 damage caused by Hurricane Ian to the pier at Lauderdale by the Sea. 
 One of my favorite spots and a place we called home for some time.

It's not over until it's over, but it's almost...