Dec 21, 2022

Wednesday December 21st

 No matter how far you have gone on the 
wrong road, you can still turn around...

A lot has happened and a lot is happening. My best 
advise is if you want to have peace in your household,
 tell your guests, that is both friends and family that 
they are welcome to visit but if they need a place 
to stay, there are many hotels to choose from.

  I know why I saying this.  Especially now during the 
holidays everyone one wants a “free” place to crash.  I love 
my family, but when it comes to spending the night at their homes
 we draw the line. As Arvid says the only place we every spend
 time is with my parents.  In order to keep relationships running
 smoothly do not take advantage of someone.  We all appreciate
 our privacy.  I love you, but please stay at a hotel. 

Not sure if it's a side effect from the radiation, but lately 
I have been freezing.  Something not very common for me.
  I don't mind the cold, but even when it's in the 70'sF I am
 extremely cold.  I am going through changes, and I don't 
know if it's all due to radiation.  I just am guessing it is.

During this "cold" spell that we are having, Arvid has already 
made us hot chocolate twice.  He does a good hot chocolate.

To all a very good day. One more day soon down.  I can soon see the end.

Enjoy the journey and try to get better every day. And
 don't lose the passion and the love for what you do...