Dec 9, 2022

Friday December 9th ~

 Your mind will answer most questions if
 you learn to relax and wait for the answer...

Starting the day on the foggy side.  It will clear up,
 but it's interesting to see the difference between a clear 
day and not so clear day.  Both are pretty in their own way.
Looking forward to it clearing up.  Sunny days are best.

My sister Nirvana is in Colombia visiting her son, our nephew J 
and his girlfriend.  J currently has been residing in Medellín, Colombia
 since the pandemic.  Yes, the pandemic made life "easier" for many. 

J has already mapped out the places he will be showing his mom, 
and he's also taken the day off to do so.  So happy my sister
 gets to spend time with her son and his girlfriend.  The best
 Christmas present is to be surrounded by loved ones.

Sniff and I are already in the Christmas mode.  Arvid not so much.
  Friday, my fifth treatment.  Looking forward to two days "off"

A truly happy person is one who can
; enjoy the scenery while on a detour...