Dec 27, 2022

Tuesday December 27th ~

 Life is like a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving..

Can you believe we are looking forward to going back to Branson?  
Glad to not be there now in this freezing cold, but soon when it warms up. 
 I am actually very excited to be going back as is Arvid.  We have many
 friends and so many places we we would like to go to.  The food
 is also excellent and we miss a few of our favorite restaurants.

Yesterday we went for a drive to check out a Blues venue.  As we 
were driving Arvid kept saying, this looks like Branson.  Very quiet
 and just one main road.  Yes, it's quiet in Fort Myers and there 
are not that many roads.  makes it easy for me.  Even 
I find my way around.  Just like it is in Branson.

When we first started living in Branson, back in 2017 I never 
imagined I would like it so much.  I mean there are  no big malls.  There
 is not really a beach so to speak of, we didn't/don't live by the water, but 
something about it brings you back.  It's not a place I would choose
 for my family to go on a vacation, but it is interesting for a day or two. 

Now if you like old cars, then there is always a car show in town. 
 If you like country music and the theater this is the place for you.
And then of course there is the Branson Ferris Wheel 💙

In the meantime we are sure enjoying ourselves in our new location.
  Each time we head out we discover some place new and we like it.  Best 
of all is that Friday night outing and that slice of pizza.  Life is good.

This is my last week of radiation.  Happy about that, but I have to say it
 was not bad at all.  I have met wonderful and kind people throughout this journey. 
 Most facing bigger problems than I am.  It makes me feel at times ashamed to even
 mention that I also have cancer, when I realize how fortunate I am in comparison
 to many of these women.  My life is better today because I have met them and 
also because I can now relate even better to the terrible disease Cancer is.

For many this is an ongoing battle.  I will say/think that hopefully after 
my radiation treatments my journey with Cancer is over.  But as my doctor said,
 "should it resurface, we deal with it then."  And I know that's the only way 
to face it.  I deal with it should it come back.  I have a five year window 
of regular monitoring.  After that will see what happens.  A good day
 to all and a positive outlook is always better than a negative one.

Instead of worrying about what you cannot control,
 shift your energy to what you can create. Every 
strike brings you closer to a home run...