Dec 30, 2022

Friday December 30th ~ Last Day 🙏

 Every individual has within their abilities the
 capability of accomplishing extraordinary things. 
They just have to learn how to do it...

Today is the day.  I will finally be done with treatments.  
Treatment #19 and treatment #20 will be given in one day. 
 One in the morning and the other in the afternoon.  

During this entire process I have met people who share 
the same condition as I do.  Most worse off than me, but one
thing we all have in common, we are all fighters and no one
 ever showed a sign of giving up or of being a victim.  

These ladies I have had the pleasure of meeting during my 
treatments are true survivors.  Because life happened,  and not
 exactly to your-their liking, meant they gave up.  Instead because
 of that one fights back even harder, and the only goal is to win.

The entire medical staff from the minute you walk into 
the door until you leave has been the best I have ever had.  All
 the doctors I have had in Fort Myers have been wonderful to me.
  Not only professional in every sense of the word, but they have
 also shown a side I have rarely seen in my previous doctors.  
They have empathy, and they actually care.

  I have experienced the same caring and empathy with
 my doctors in Branson.  I love both of my medical teams;
  here in Fort Myers and in Branson.  I don't feel as if I 
am just a number.  They make you feel cared for.

I have met many women during these 20 treatments.  
Many so worse off than I am.  We talked, we have laughed and 
we have shared a little of ourselves.  For me this has been a very 
good experience.  Having cancer is not the end of the world. 
 It is just another battle to be dealt with.  Life happens.

These women  are the real deal.  They cope with
 their cancer in a most positive way, and because 
of that, there is strength to face another day.

Life is not about winning all the battles.
 It's about fighting every war...