Feb 14, 2023

February 14th~

You don't need to be perfect together.  
You just need to be happy together...

 One day they said someone will walk into your life and
 make you see why it never worked out with anyone else.  And
 they sure were right.  Enter Arvid and life has never been the 
same again.  In the good and not so good times in life  but
 I would rather him by my side than anyone else.

Valentines Day has never really meant anything special to me.
  Not to Arvid either.  Even before Arvid it was not special in 
anyway to me.  The specialness of it that I remember is as a child 
our parents always gave us a card.  My mom never forgets to send
 us cards on every special day.  That's what I remember and that's 
what I cherish.  That memory will forever be with me.

Our life is not perfect.  Like everyone we have good and bad days,
 but it is during those not so good days that we find we are strongest together.
  Valentine's Day is just another day to truly love like there is no tomorrow.

Another doctors appointment today.  This is how I spend my days. 
 Between doctors visits and more doctors visits.  So far all good just
 something that has to be done.  Good morning and a Happy Day to all.

We woke up to some pretty cooler temperatures,
 but the warmup is just as fast.  Living the Florida life 🌞

I would rather share one lifetime with you
 than face all the ages of this world alone...