Feb 15, 2023

Wednesday February 15th ~

 Time is so important. 'so spend time doing something that you love.
 ' make the most of it and Let the good times roll in your existence...

Arvid and I are still discovering new places in our surroundings, 
and liking them very much.  On Sunday we went to a place 
called Rumrunners in Cape Coral.  Twenty minutes from us.

It was a very windy day but we sat in the sun with sweaters on; 
it was not so bad after all.  It's what Arvid said a typical summer
 day in Norway 🌍was like.  We thought it was a bit chilly 😂

I had on my hoodie but was still a bit cold.  Even 
with the sun the wind blowing like crazy.  Food was 
very good and everyone was extra nice.  

There is even a little beach and some boat rentals.  Something to look into.

Good morning everyone.  Another very nice day awaits us.  

Life is such a rolling coaster, either you roll with it willingly
 or it roll you unwillingly, but you must roll either way...