Feb 22, 2023

Wednesday February 22nd~

 Life is not perfect but your nails can be...

Ever since Arvid saw the news report stating that the 
ultraviolet light used during a gel manicure causes/contributes
 to cancer he has been quite insistent that I no longer get gel
 manicures.  I liked them so much.  No more dip manicure,
 no more gel manicure 😡  I sure liked them both a lot.

I got myself a variety of colors.  For now let's see how long before
 I give in to a gel manicure.  Because I have had cancer twice already,
 different parts of my body, the wisest thing would be to not do
 the gel manicure again.  I guess this time I will be smarter.  

Regular manicures will have to do, but they last 2 days because 
I never wear gloves while doing the dishes or house work 😕

On a different note, it has been warmer than usual here.  A good 
10 degrees warmer.  I wish I was right now in Vermont with my 
niece (Kimsy) and nephew (J).  They are skiing.  For two kids 
born in Puerto Rico, one of their favorite winter hobbies is skiing. 
 They have been doing it from the time they were 6 years old.
I can definitely use some cooler temperatures right now 😀

No matter where we go there is always something beautiful in
 our path, and I am always prepared to get the right shot.

The days are winding down for us here in Florida. 
 Of course we're looking forward to going to Branson.  I 
just hope that once we are there Arvid does not decide
 it's time to sell in Fort Myers.  I am tired of moving.

A good day to all and let us not forget
 that life is a long lesson in humility.

I don't believe things happen in vain.
 I believe they happen for a reason...