Feb 6, 2023

Monday February 5th ~

There are two means of refuge from
 the miseries of life: music and cats...

 No matter what Sniff does, it's always adorable to me 💙.  
I love him so much and cannot imagine what our lives would be
 without him.  He does not replace our Brutus.  He's Sniff Sniff 
in his own right.  Being Sniff is what makes him so special.

As the new week begins I am just grateful for all the wonderful
 moments I have with my parents and sisters visiting.  I hope 
we can do this more often.  I am just thankful for all of it.

The balloons are finally "dead" but even in their last
 breath, Sniff was scared.  It's not funny, but at the 
same time seeing him running in circles is funny.

Good morning and a happy and productive week to everyone.

For all the things my hands have held, the best by far is you.  
Life doesn’t come with a manual, it comes with a Mother...