Feb 5, 2023

Sunday February 5th ~

Sometimes the quiet moments are
 the ones that really speak the most...

 Having family visiting sure is nice, but at the same time 
very exhausting.  I am looking forward today to having a quiet 
day with just Arvid and Sniff.  We are so set in our ways.  We 
do enjoy time with family, but we also enjoy time alone best.
That being said, maybe I can do breakfast with them ☕

Sundays always start with a leisurely breakfast.  The one day 
of the week Arvid indulges in bacon and eggs.  Six days of the 
week it's the same always for him.  Not me.  I need variety
 to spice up my day/life  Arvid says I am not consistent.

The best cure for the body is a quiet mind...