Feb 12, 2023

Sunday February 12th

You cannot protect yourself from sadness 
without protecting yourself from happiness..

Nothing in this world is permanent; change is the rule of nature. 
No matter how challenging your day is, it will still end, and tomorrow
 will bring you new energy and hope. It is the same for pleasant days 
as well.  The journey starts at one point and ends at another.  

I'm a little  sad right now.  Emotional is a better word, but
 in a few days it will be better.  I just loved doing something each 
day with my mom.  I also know they are happy to be going home.

Sunday.  Back to our usual routine.  Just Arvid, Sniff and I. 
 I like it, but I enjoyed our outings with mom and dad.  
As Nirvana would say, "it be like that sometimes."

Arvid is his usual restless man.  Who knows now that 
he's not looking for homes for my parents he will be back 
looking at cars and wanting to go to car shows 🚗. 

Thank goodness for music. Last night Arvid and I "discovered"
 a new place for music.  The Franklin Social in Naples.  Small, 
cozy and just very cute.  The food is also very good 🍕  

Good morning and a good day to all.

 Sometimes life's most important moments 
are quiet, a decision made quick and calm...