Feb 16, 2023

Thursday February 16th ~

  😂The Open Road goes to the used-car lot...

When we have "open" days, Arvid gets restless.  More than
 I do, and in different ways.  His restlessness is "cured" by looking 
online at cars.  He can intensely "look" for weeks until something
 new catches his attention. Keeps him busy as he likes to say.

Sometimes he pushes it to the limit when we are out driving.  
The speed limit that is, but I'm not complaining.  Luckily we 
have not been chased by the cops as yet.  That would be quite
 interesting 😳 not in a good way for sure. But interesting.

I love the life we have together.  Not always easy, 
but then what is easy.  If it were easy then it would definitely
 be boring.  I never know what crazy idea he will come up with 
each day, so my plan on contradicting him at times requires 
spontaneous answers.  Never has been a problem so far.

Does it always work?  Can't say it does, but the 
battle is also refreshing at times.  We both get to see 
how far we can "push" the other.  Works for us.

Arvid goes through stages of doing something intensely.  For my
 parents he spent several days looking at new construction for them.
  We took them around a few times, but they are still not there yet.

There was a time he thought we should have a house on 
the lake in Branson.  This thought has not totally disappeared.
When all fails there is always soccer to fall back on.

This Friday it's Music Walk so we have something 
we are looking forward to.  Always fun to just get
 out and check out what's going on in town.

Good morning and a good day to all. Life is like a book. Some
 chapters are sad some happy and some exciting.  But if you never
 turn the page, you will never know what the next chapter holds.

I told my wife she should embrace
 her mistakes, she hugged me...