Aug 21, 2023

Monday August 21~

What would you attempt to do 
if you knew you could not fail...

Another week begins, and it will be a busy one.  At least the 
first three days.  Almost Home will be getting inspections, and
 we are preparing for it.  Always hoping to pass the first time,
 but the city is smart as well.  A second inspection means 
another fee to them.  That's how it's always been.

I continue to struggle with my allergies.  I have no idea
 why it does not clear up.  During the day I am more or less okay, 
but come evenings and nights I wheeze and can hardly breathe.
  I have been waking up at one am just sitting up. 

Good day to all.  Let the week begin and looking forward 
to accomplishing most if not all of the goas we set out to do. 

In order to know where you're headed, you 
must be aware of your own personal goals...