Aug 9, 2023

Wednesday August 9th~

The best moments are the ones we never forget.  Memories are
 the treasures that we keep in the vault of our hearts...

 Last night as Arvid and I were watching AGT, America’s
 Got Talent, there was an act with a lady and her dog.  The lady gave
 us a little background on her dog. At one point she talked about how
 he (dog) had to amputate a leg. How he just seemed to not want to live.

 And just like that Brutus came to me and all the things we 
went through. Brutus had his amputation and died.  My heart is
 broken right now.  All over again.  I miss our Brutus right
 now so much.  Just when you think everything is under 
"control" a little something takes away your peace.

Right now it's wet and the day promises to bring a little bit of really
bad weather.  According to the weather channel it will be very bad weather, 
but they have been wrong before.  Good morning and a good day to all.

Memory is a way of holding onto the things/the ones you love.
I have more memories than if I were a thousand years old...