Aug 10, 2023

Thursday August 10th ~

May sunshine surround you each new day...

On days when the sun is out, which is more than days 
when it's not 😍 I will see the birds just sunning.  Enjoying the 
warm weather.  Like everyone, they enjoy their sunshine.

Even Gerald seems to be a bit lazier.  Just basking in sunshine.

Everyone is slacking in the sunshine.  Nothing wrong with that.

Sniff as I have mentioned many a times, never misses an opportunity 
to bask in the sunshine.  Wherever there is sunshine, Sniff will find it.

Unfortunately yesterday was not the day for it.  It 
rained most of the day.  The good thing about it was
 that we stayed in and did no running around.  

Arvid comforted Sniff throughout the day.  For some reason
 when Sniff is scared the one he goes to is always Arvid, and 
Arvid never fails to comfort him.  I love seeing them like this.

Last night was very scary for Sniff, but we had him close 
to us as much as he would allow.  The bad weather came, but 
we did good.  Good morning all and a good day to all.

No storm lasts forever. After the storm the sun 
will shine again.  When you come out of the storm, 
you won't be the same person who walked in....