Aug 12, 2023

Saturday August 12th~

Look deep into nature and then you will understand everything better. 
 In nature, nothing is perfect and everything is perfect...

When we left to go to Norway everything was dry and brown. 
 We got back to hot temperatures, but at the same time everything 
was green and so pretty.  The rain sure does wonders to nature. 
 It looks beautiful.  My wildlife has lots to eat.  Always good.

This little one has a full tummy, and decided to just sit while 
the others continued to eat.  I really love seeing them 🦌

Yesterday Arvid and "the boys" went out for a little
 socializing.  Let's just say it seems they had an amazing time. 
 Arvid was brought home and he was swaying.  Needless to 
say he fell asleep in a record time of less than a minute🍻

It continues to be wet in the mornings, bummer, but that
 does not stop the birds from coming. My Geralds, squirrels and 
chipmunks are still hiding out.  Waiting for a less wet morning.

I had a little time on my own and I sure made the most of it. 
 Arvid and I also attended a little going away "party" for Ryan.  
Ryan is Kurt's son, the main owner together with us of both hotels.

Wishing all a very good day.  May the sun always shine upon you.

If you change the way you look at things,
 the things you look at change...