Aug 5, 2023

Saturday in Branson ~

The day is full of possibilities and I will make the most of them...

 Back home in the USA and it feels so good.  Can't seem to 
stop saying this to myself.  Now the next step  will be to get back
 to Florida, but for now I am enjoying Branson, my wildlife
 friends, but not so much the heatwave.  It's really hot.

The first two days back home the phones never stopped ringing. 
 The home phone, Arvid's cell phone and my cell phone.  Pretty hectic
 start of our back to home.  Unlike Arvid I do not turn off my cell phone at
 nights, so I continued to receive messages.  Thank goodness no one actually
 called in the middle of the night like they did while we were in Norway.

I am missing Aleah, Vanessa and Amelia.  I picture Amelia's 
little face and I smile.  She makes the funniest of faces.  I miss 
her hugs and her laughter a lot.  I miss her running up to me and 
holding on tightly.  Good to be home, but at the same time..

A typical Branson morning.  This little squirrel came for foodies
 yesterday up on the balcony.  Usually I would chase the squirrels away
 (they have food I give to them on the ground), but this baby looked so sad.
  I just let him eat the sunflower seeds.  Hopefully he shows up again 
this morning.  Left him lots of peanuts and sunflower seeds.
  All is good in our world.  Have a happy day everyone.

Living is the art of getting used to what we didn't expect...