Aug 22, 2023

Tuesday August 22nd~

Exploring new horizons, one mile at a time.
Life is not always perfect.  Like a road it has many 
bends, ups, and downs, but that's its beauty...

 The other day we were in the mood for chicken wings. 
 No place better than Drafts.  Best BBQ wings I have ever had.

We also took the Lexus out and did the scenic route.  Amazing
 country side.  If you look closely you will see Arvid sitting in the
 car.  Says it was too hot for him to get out, eventually he did

Missouri has amazing lakes.  People who leave 
come back because they miss the lakes and the fishing.

No outing is complete if I don't capture some of the beauty of it.

To all a good day.  We continue preparing Almost Home
 for inspections.  Always hoping for the best, but preparing
 for the worst.  As usual, Sniff and I are awake early, and
 we're just enjoying the quietness of the morning.

On a different not, I used a filter to take the following 
pictures.  When I showed it to Arvid he said, "you look like
 a puffer fish."  Always the man with the right words 😂

Sure my lips may be fake,
 but my laugh is completely genuine...